We all have some problems in our lives but have you questioned from you that is the problem is really a problem? Is this your problem? What answers do you get? Yes or No. Whatever answer you will get question it again. Feeling hard to do? This is the problem that we never question ourselves, we have fear of pain. But is the pain is really pain? We all are limiting ourselves at somepoint, even we are not aware about this. We always think that how money will come , how to earn but have you questioned what is money? Most of people will say no, so how do you get something if you are not aware about it? So here is where IUFE vision is, IUFE is framed to change the perspective of your life so that you can be yourself and can act in that way. Make your journey enjoyable not forceful, because life is enjoyment, flow in itself. Don’t flow against the  life, flow with life. We are not making false promises with you, we will just give you a direction so that you can be what you are not what you want. 

“Be, Don’t try to become” ~ Osho

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